Javier Drada

Javier Drada born March 16, 1971 - Queens, NY. Javier Drada's club sting started in the early 80's in Miami. After moving from New York to Miami in 1984 he dove deep into the Miami B-Boy/Breaker scene. Around 1986 when Chicago House became prominent in the Miami Club Scene he would go on to become a very well know House Dancer in the club circuit. It would be during this time that Javier Drada would meet George Acosta at a local House Party and in 1988 they would begin throwing House Parties of their own as CreepHouse. Shortly after Javier Drada would begin his work as a club promoter for Michael Capponi, Gary James, Bobby Brandt and Mickey Rourke. These prominent South Beach connections would assist in Javier Drada securing George Acosta's very first gigs and residencies on South Beach.

In 1990 Javier Drada would move from House and begin his musical journey into Techno along with Hector Maldonado aka DJ Krypto and Paul Fernandez aka Dr. Psychosis. In this time he would begin to host Miami's first full fledge Techno Parties and in 1991 with Sven Väth he would help mold and change the Miami Beach Techno scene forever at one of his after hour events. Under the influence of Sven Väth & Pete Namlook, Javier Drada would go further into the music and begin his journey as Miami's very own Ambient Junkie. In 1994 he would host Pete Namlook of FAX +49-69/450464 at a live event which would be recorded and released as Namlook X on FAX Records. Seven years of DJ’ing Ambient chill out events would earn him the title of Miami's Ambient Pioneer.

Around 1996 he would retire from the Ambient Music scene and begin hosting a pirate radio show on the Beat 101.1 FM with then DJ partners, Joseph Fitzgerald and Victor DeLauz. With the help of Juan Atkins, Mike Banks and Keith Butts of Submerge he would pioneer the Detroit Techno sound over the FM airwaves of Miami. Two years later Javier Drada would move to New Orleans and as an exclusive net cast on Flyfm.net, Javier Drada would team up with Dave Manic in order to convey Underground Music once more to the masses via “Submerge, the Show”. Submerge The Show's main assignment then would be to provide a full Underground Assault on the perpetrators of the Underground Detroit scene. Set out to re-educate the lost masses, Submerge, the Show became home to Mike Banks of UR, UR member DJ Rolando a.k.a. The Aztec Mystic, Damon Wild of Synewave, Mike Grant of Moods & Grooves, Alan Oldham a.k.a. DJ T1000 of Pure Sonik, Sean Deason of Matrix, DJ Marquis of Upstart Records, Norm Talley, DJ K-1 a.k.a. Keith Tucker of Puzzle Box, DJ KAOB of The Microknox, The Source, Larry Head a.k.a Mr. Fingers, Thomas Barnett and The Black FU of Visillusion. Javier Drada would continue to host this show well into the year 2000. In 2003 he would begin work with Brett Dancer of Track Mode Recordings and would assist with the labels e-store and site management.

His relationship and support from the likes of Pete Namlook, Charles “Uzzell” Edwards, Juan Atkins, Mike Banks, Brett Dancer, Larry Heard, DJ Krypto, Dr. Psychosis, Carlos Espinosa, David Padilla, George Acosta, Ian Appel, Luis Diaz, George Alvarado, Carlos Menendez, DJ Stryke, Oscar G and Ralph Falcon plus 24 years of musical influence can be felt in any genre he plays from Ultra-Lounge, Downtempo, Traditional Afro-Cuban, Nuyorican Salsa, Disco, 80’s Electro, Traditional House, Garage, Deep House, Techno, Minimal-Tech, Tribal, Progressive, Ambient and Trance. No matter what genre comes of the tables you will always experience years of musical knowledge, maturity and quality. Current and past residencies in New Orleans include Hostel, Hush, LePhare, King Bolden’s, LaCôte, Shilo, Rasputin’s, The Delachaise, Club 360 and The Matrixxx.

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